Arab ROV’19

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. What is ROV?

It is a remotely operated underwater vehicle (ROV) which is considered a tethered mobile robot that is commonly used to perform dangerous missions in deep water industries such as offshore hydrocarbon extraction and subsea installations construction besides its military and scientific usage due its perfect construction that gives the ROV the ability to maneuver easily in the deep oceans.

Simply ROVs might use thrusters to move from a point to another and depend on some sensory systems to develop some kind of vision methods in order to decide the perfect actions, as they may equipped with LIDAR, SONAR and Camera.

Q. What is MATE Arab ROV competition?

Arab ROV competition is an annual regional competition which is held in the Arab world from the ocean to the gulf for undergrads whom are interested in the remotely operated underwater robots that was firstly launched on 2012 by the global company for innovation and entrepreneurship “GIE” in association with the Arab academy for science and technology “AASTMT”, as ROVs perform underwater specific missions according to certain rules and guiding manual. This competition is considered a qualifying regional round for the international competition organized by the marine advanced technology education “MATE” Center as only eligible teams are to represent the Arab world at international MATE ROV competition.

Q. Can postgraduate participate at the competition?

Arab ROV competition is only for undergrads which are categorized into three classes as following:

  • Explorer category – University students.
  • Ranger category – High school students.
  • Scout category – Elementary schools students.

Postgraduates are only allowed to participate as team mentors.

Q. Is there chance for juniors to participate in the competition?

Of course, middle and high school students can join the competition in the Rangers class and elementary schools students in the Scouts class.

Q. After passing the local competition (semifinal round) in my country, can I participate at the international ROV competition directly?

No, According to MATE Regional competitions rules; only qualified teams from regional rounds are the eligible ones who can compete at the international competition, the team should be one of the qualified teams in the regional finals after passing the local competition (semifinal round) in his country.

Q. How many teams are allowed to participate at the international competition?

For Explorer and Ranger Egypt and Arab finals, if number of organizations is:

  • Less than 11, so first place team only will participate at the international competition.
  • Equal to 11 or more and less than 20, so the top 2 teams only will participate at the international competition.
  • Equal to 20 or more, so the top 3 teams only will participate at the international competition.
  • For Scouts, only first place team can attend the international competition as a spectator.

Q. What is the maximum number of members for each team?

Minimum is 3 members and maximum 15 members per team excluding mentors.

Q. What is the expected experience shall I gain by participating at the competition?

From the technical side, a participant may gain practical experience and will learn how to build a ROV from scratch regarding the design process, constructing mechanisms, sealing, buoyancy, electrical and electronic circuits and its implementation, thrusters and controlling the whole ROV system using different means of controllers.

From another side, a participant may increase or strengthen his own personal skills as he will learn how to work in a team with various characters, time management, planning and scheduling work to deliver the ROV on time, besides technical writing and presentation skills to present the ROV.

Q. Can I participate as an individual without joining a team?

Only teams can join the competition so participant may participate only with a current team or form his own team with at least 3 members with a maximum of 15 members.

Q. What is the registration fees of the competition?

150$ for each team in explorer class.

130$ for each team in rangers class.

130$ for each team in scout class.

20% discount for early birds.

Please revise the competition rules and guidelines for more details.

Q. What should I do to register at the competition?

From November 2018 to December 2018, the representative of the team should register team’s essential data like team name, team members, contacts and category to the registration form at the competition website.

Competition fees is to be paid via the competition website during the registration process, after payment confirmation the team is registered on the competition system and officially joined the competing teams and be ready for building your own ROV and following the other steps to qualify to the regional and then the international.

Q. What is the competition timeline?

  • Registration (Nov. 2018 – Dec. 2018)
  • Opening ceremony (Dec. 2018)
  • Video submission filtration (Feb. 2019)
  • Semifinals of Egypt, Tunisia & …(Feb. & March 2019)
  • MATE International registration (March 2019)
  • Technical report submission ( March 2019)
  • Egypt & Arab Finals (April 2019)
  • International finals (June 2019)

Q. Is there any needed previous experience should I have to participate?

The team members must have basic technical background of mechanics, electrical and electronic circuits and basic programming concepts to be able to search, develop, execute and learn to reach the remaining required topics in the ROV construction like sealing, thrusters and others.

Q. Will the team get any technical support?

Participant teams gets orientation session and periodic meetings with organizers also teams are welcomed to contact us any time on the technical support mail of the competition tech@rovegypt.org for any inquiries regarding the rules, playgrounds and product specifications.

Also teams may follow the technical support blog and FAQs on the competition website for more information.