About Us

What is ROV?

It is a remotely operated underwater vehicle (ROV) which is considered a tethered mobile robot that is commonly used to perform dangerous missions in deep water industries such as offshore hydrocarbon extraction and subsea installations construction besides its military and scientific usage due its perfect construction that gives the ROV the ability to maneuver easily in the deep oceans.

Simply ROVs might use thrusters to move from a point to another and depend on some sensory systems to develop some kind of vision methods in order to decide the perfect actions, as they may equipped with LIDAR, SONAR and Camera.

What is Arab ROV competition?

Arab ROV competition is an annual regional competition which is held in the Arab world from the ocean to the gulf for undergrads whom are interested in the remotely operated underwater robots that was firstly launched on 2012 by the global company for innovation and entrepreneurship “GIE” in association with the Arab academy for science and technology “AASTMT”, as ROVs perform underwater specific missions according to certain rules and guiding manual. This competition is considered a qualifying regional round for the international competition organized by the Marine Advanced Technology Education (MATE) Center and MATE Inspiration for Innovation as only eligible teams are to represent the Arab world at MATE International ROV Competition.


We believe that competition based learning is important to develop robust products, which is the most essential stage in a complete ecosystem to enhance robotics industry in the region and the world. And our mission is to help prepare future workforce to conquer the oceans, as Arab ROV competition attracts the undergrads from different ages of the primary education to the university education to be categorized into three main classes of the competition (Explorer class – Ranger class – Scout class) where participant teams enjoy competitive work environment to create and innovate.

ROV 2019 Competition Brief

This year at Eastern Tennessee, USA, Eastman (a global specialty chemical company) is collaborating with the MATE ROV Competition and looking to its competitors to assist the company in doing “Good for Good.” Eastman has issued a request for proposals (RFP) for a remotely operated vehicle (ROV) and crew that can operate in the freshwater environments of Boone Lake, Boone Dam, and the South Fork of the Holston River. The specific tasks for the ROV and operators include:

  • Ensuring Public Safety – inspecting and making repairs to a hydroelectric dam. Eastman’s stake in the safety and security of Boone Dam extends beyond its company doors to the communities, cities, and state in which it makes its home.
  • Maintaining Healthy Waterways – monitoring water quality, determining habitat diversity, and restoring fish habitat. Eastman commissions studies of the South Fork Holston River on a regular basis to ensure the health of both the water and the species that live there.
  • Preserving History – recovering a Civil War era cannon and marking the location of unexploded cannon shells. Eastman recognizes the rich heritage of the area and the important of preserving historical artifacts for generations to come.

Before launch and operations, the ROV must complete a series of “product demonstrations” staged at a swimming pool at various regional locations. (Depth requirements vary depending on competition class; see SPECIFICATIONS below.) Companies that successfully complete the product demonstrations and deliver exceptional engineering and communication components (e.g. technical documentation, engineering presentations, and marketing displays) will be awarded the contract.